Become the Happy, Relaxed &
Successful Woman You Never Knew.

Where the ambitious
receive the support
and the tools to lead
from a space of lasting
presence, calm and
confidence within.

Join us on a mission to create generational change
on a collective scale and end this era of
burnt out, anxious and exhausted women.




Have you ever felt like you're being pulled in two different directions?

There's a part of you who has worked really hard to get to where you are, to be taken seriously and respected professionally (and personally). And yet, there's a quiet voice inside that wonders if life (and work) are supposed to feel this exhausting...

Expand and Impact is an experience-based education platform and community for high-achievers, change-makers, shape-shifters and female leaders who want to unlearn the hustle and striving culture the Patriarchy has instilled within us and succeed in a sustainable way with mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of the human experience. 

We specialize in guiding you to create real, lasting and embodied change so that you can make lasting shifts your life and (work) that leave you feeling

accomplished and energized
successful and happy
respected and at ease
recognized and fulfilled
productive and rested
powerful and emotionally steady.

When you give yourself permission to do things differently, to live differently, to work differently, to feel differently, 

when you reclaim your time and your energy, you are simultaneously changing the narrative for all future generations of working women.

We're challenging the status quo like many women before us and closing the gender gap from the inside out - by starting with ourselves.




LIVE Workshops (online + in person)

Immerse yourself in a small-group setting where you learn the "how" and get to actually practice different tools & techniques that will support your growth, emotional wellbeing and leadership. These workshops are single sessions and facilitated live.

LIVE Workshops (online + in person)



Personalized 1:1 Program

Lean into the benefits of personalized 1-1 support to deepen your self-knowledge, enhance your emotional experience and learn practical tools and strategies you can use everyday. The E&I Program follows an expertly designed structure and is designed to support your unique needs.

Personalized 1:1 Program



Small Group Experiences + Trainings 

These trainings accept a maximum of 6 women and are intentionally kept small to optimize learning and increase safety through connection. All trainings are expertly led and facilitated by a trauma-informed trainer.

Small Group Trainings



Speaking + Workplace Offers

If your team or your audience has a thirst for new experiences and a desire to upgrade themselves and their lives, are somewhat open, dynamic and have a willingness to jump into the kind of work that will make them happier and more relaxed at work and outside of it, let's talk!


Speaking + Workplace Offers


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A space for high-achievers, change-makers, shape shifters and female leaders, just like you. Ready to shake things up and explore transformational ideas that our education systems don't include but are essential in shaping how we lead, how we live and how we connect with ourselves, others and the world around us. We're closing the gender gap from the inside out!

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Meet Violetta!

Violetta Znorkowski is the Founder and Facilitator at Expand and Impact, an Experiential Education Company that works with Female Professionals and Entrepreneurs who want to challenge the status quo and create a new normal in how success and leadership looks and feels.

With over 10 years of experience and an international career working around the world with both youth and adults to develop leadership skills, raise emotional intelligence and build resilience, Violetta is passionate about guiding others to safely explore their connection to self, others and the world around them.

Her work is informed through her training in Holistic Counseling Psychology, Leadership Coaching and Mindfulness and Meditation Training; blending Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques to consider the WHOLE person. Violetta believes that self-work is the gateway to generational change and that personal development and systemic change go hand in hand. When she is not facilitating growth and emotional wellbeing, Violetta is likely climbing up or snowboarding down a mountain or planning her next adventure.

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Access the Energetic Boundaries Audio, an embodiment practice to help you set boundaries like a girl boss and reconnect with a felt sense of how boundaries and spaciousness feel in your body. 

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