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Hi I'm Violetta! 

The high-achieving women I partner with are curious and ready to develop their skillset to bridge the gap between what they know and how they feel - even if a part of them is uncertain or scared. They are ready to continue their journey of self-reflection and self-knowledge and expand their ability to navigate the rollercoaster of their feelings so that they can live and lead from a steadier, more confident and grounded place (and feel successful and fulfilled in ALL areas of their life).

My clients have an understanding of the patterns and behaviors they want to shift. They can see what is feeling off and what needs to change but struggle to sustainably apply information they're learning to see the lasting changes they want to see in their behaviors, thoughts and feelings. They're good at taking action but notice that they still frequently find themselves stuck in overwhelm, uncertainty and stressful and anxious thoughts and sensations.They're doing 'all the right things,' and yet, their inner world doesn't seem to reflect the success they've achieved externally.

If any of this sounds like you? You're in the right place! 

I hope the free resources on this page deeply serve you.

In Joy, 

Your Brain Trainer, 


What Clients Are Saying...

"I gained so much insight into the roots of some of my stress and uncovered that I was holding onto resentment that wasn’t allowing me to move forward in my career. I released a lot of emotions that were causing me anger and sadness and because of it, I feel more aligned with what I want and need. Violetta guided me to feel more secure and confident in my relationships and in my ability to identify and walk away from situations that aren’t right for me. My experience with Violet was warm and above all, transformative. My self-confidence and self-trust grew faster than I could have imagined. I felt ready and equipped to step into my worth by facing the challenges I was working through instead of pushing them away and avoiding them. It was a transformative experience because I felt comfortable being vulnerable. Violet helped me find the words to understand my situation and work through emotional barriers I didn’t realize were holding me back. I now have new tools and strategies to support my growth in both my personal and professional life."
"I found my 1:1 sessions so effective in building my confidence, self-worth and hope for the possibilities my future still holds. The techniques and tools I learned helped me look deeper into my negative thinking and identifying patterns in my life that don't serve me. I'm looking forward to continuing in the mentorship program and uncovering more about the things that are subconsciously blocking me from my happiness and sustainably creating the changes I'm working towards."
"I uncovered so many layers under my fear of committing fully to my new business that I never knew existed inside of me. After my first 1:1 session with Violet, I realized I was creating a future that I didn’t want that was causing me a lot of stress, anxiety and frustration. By the end of my third session, I felt so much freedom around the choices I have in my life that I resigned from my job to give myself the space and full permission to jump into my new future with confidence and tools to keep me on the right path. Since working with Violet, I've committed fully to my new business and have clarity around how my thoughts influence my emotions and the actions and decisions I make in my life and my career. These sessions are helping me grow and expand in all areas of my life."
"Simple and powerful! I now understand how my thoughts dictate how I interpret my interaction with a family member I've been having a lot of conflict with. My communication really started to shift after this session and I notice myself being more empathic, patient and less controlling of how I think this family member should be. Violetta is amazing at facilitating this work and asked the right questions to tease out the reasons of hidden guilt and self-judgment in me. I felt safe to express my thoughts without fear of judgment."

Meet your facilitator

Violetta is trained in a multitude of styles but primarily operates and educates from the somatic approach.

She believes in only teaching what she herself embodies and takes the stance of mutual respect and walks the journey alongside her clients.

As a trained Holistic Counsellor, Somatic and Leadership Practitioner and Meditation Teacher, Violetta incorporates Relational and Attachment style therapies, Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, The Work of Byron Katie and the latest in neuroscience into her sessions where sustainable growth and healing is possible in the context of the client/facilitator relationship.

She draws on her personal life experiences in multiple settings being a child of immigrants, speaking 3 languages with fluency and having lived and worked professionally in nearly 10 different countries before the age of 30. Violetta has a deep understanding of the human experience particularly through the lens of emotion and is able to meet her clients where they are. Violetta has worked in Experiential and Outdoor Education and Leadership for over 10 years and has since started Expand and Impact, a woman's emotional wellness and experiential leadership company, a safe space for motivated women to learn the skills and tools to slow down, heal from burnout, stress and anxiety and live and lead from a space of deep inner ease, peace and fulfillment so as to move towards their goals and succeed sustainable in ALL areas of life.

My goal as a practitioner and facilitator when working with individuals 1:1 and in small groups is to guide each person to uncovering their own innate wisdom and answers by helping them develop the skills, awareness and tools to succeed sustainably in ALL areas of life. I am here to support you and guide you in experiencing the mind-body connection as one of the most effective and powerful ways to bridge the gap between knowledge and embodiment so that you can be a happy and relaxed leader.

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