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It's not about pushing through every obstacle, hitting goal after goal, if you're left feeling stretched thin, burnout, anxious and stuck in your head.

Balancing your work and life goals, managing a team, running a business takes a lot of grit. But doing more isn't going to bring you closer to sustainably creating the mental peace, emotional steadiness and the meaningful relationships you crave. If you want to be the happiest, most relaxed and successful version of yourself, you're going to need to learn some new skills. Keep reading...

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Your ambition and drive has gotten you this far, but it's time to rethink HOW you achieve your goals, how you navigate stress and if you're truly creating the life you want...

Somewhere along the way you started to believe that feeling strained, stressed and overwhelmed was just apart of life, especially apart of the life of someone who has high-expectations of herself.

You may feel an internal struggle between the part of you who likes to be busy, likes to work hard and have goals to move towards,

and the part of you who deeply craves to simply be present, to experience more joy, contentment and more depth in both your professional pursuits and in your relationships.

This internal tug-of-war is a really hard thing to experience. And it's also exhausting.

Coping with stress is not the same thing as knowing how to navigate it in a healthy way that supports ALL of you and propels your growth forward. It's time to become the leader you want to be... in ALL areas of your life!

I know the feeling of the weight you carry on your chest, a constant reminder of your endless to-do-list; strongly aware of all the things pulling on your attention and all the people who need something from you.

I know what it feels like to struggle to sleep because of how full your mind gets. And when you do get a full 8 hours, you wake up feeling tired, already thinking about what you have to do that day.

Then there's that inner voice that only you know about. The one who beats you up and judges everything you do. That wants you to show up as your best and to do your best work. But when you're already feeling stretched thin, with the weight of expectation and responsibility on your shoulders, that voice gets louder and amplifies the frustration and anxiety. This is when disappointment sets in - you're not showing up the way you want to (an internal push-pull that makes you want to scream).

Now it feels even more impossible to show up for your family and friends, fully, present, at ease, and with your best foot forward.

...It's time to end this cycle!

I've spent a decade mastering the internal skills required to navigate stress in a way that propels my growth forward without burn out, anxiety or a mind flooded with endless thoughts.


And after supporting 100's of student's along the way...

here's what I know to be true...

Presence, is a skill. Mental Peace, is a skill. Confidence, is a skill. Feeling deeply capable in handling whatever life throws at you without losing your sh*t or beating yourself up about it, is a skill. Cultivating depth and connection in your relationships, is a skill. Resting and tapping into a deep sense of balance, is a skill. Feeling in control of your emotions and being very intentional with how you react and respond, is a skill. Learning how to let go of stressful situations replaying in your mind over and over again, is a skill. Knowing what to say yes to and what to leave behind, is a skill.

... skills most of us have never been taught because no one ever taught our parents.

And since a skill is something you can learn, it's time to get proactive and start learnin'!!

... and once you learn these skills, life will look more like this ūüĎá

Take a Moment With Me To Imagine This:

✦ You close your laptop at the end of the day and feel fully present and clear to how you want to spend this down time. Instead of reaching for your phone or forcing yourself to do something productive, you have the energy to enjoy time with your loved ones or do something for yourself that leaves you feeling nourished. Your thoughts are no longer being pulled by what you have to do and what you should be doing.

✦ When you take time off and go on a vacation or an adventure, it no longer takes you a few days to settle in. Instead, you feel deeply settled and present wherever you are and whoever you're with. (BE GONE that worry that you always have to be productive.. or else!)

✦ When you're facing challenges and uncertainty, you have the tools to navigate it with patience, calm and clarity, without it feeling personal. That argument with your partner or a friend begins to feel more neutral, that rude and inconsiderate boss doesn't get a rise out of you anymore, the worry that you're going to fail at business and have to get a job again. (Step into new levels of confidence and self-trust in your leadership.)

✦ In the midst of conflict and stress, instead of shutting down or pushing harder through the resistance, you experience a deep sense of internal steadiness and emotional groundedness. You feel in control of how you want to respond. (Know exactly how to get yourself back into a happier and content state-of-mind). 

✦ Instead of feeling like you have to figure everything out on your own because of what people may think when they see you less than perfect, less than strong, you feel deeply trusting in yourself and you ability to show up as your best and do your best work, even on your worst days.

 ✦ Instead of burning out every few months, you unlock a more sustainable energy within that drives your productivity and performance without sacrificing your health and the things that bring you joy.

Expansive Education + Inspired Action = An Impactful Life.

Become the Happy, Relaxed and Successful Woman You Never Knew.

How would things change for you if you began to move towards your goals with a steady confidence and calm within? If having more fun and letting things roll off of your shoulders came easily to you? What if you started to lead yourself, your life and others from a space of unwavering emotional groundedness? Instead of getting caught on the emotional rollercoaster of all the things you could be doing, should be doing, have to do, didn't do, you actually experience a deep level of contentment now, and made decisions from this space?

Embodied Leaders don't invest in their self-growth because they think they're broken and need fixing. They do it because they CHOOSE to, because they want MORE. They do it because they want to continue to GROW and EVOLVE as a human. They do it because they want to create a FULL life where they thrive in their professional pursuits and their relationships. Not doing it alone is a choice.

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✦ You hold yourself to a standard, pushing yourself so much that you're left feeling chronically tired and unable to relax. You feel like you have to do everything yourself while
 constantly worrying about not meeting the expectations others have of you and those that you have of yourself.

✦ You overcommit and keep adding things to your already long to-do-list. You genuinely care about doing a good job and want more responsibility, but don't feel like you can fully trust or rely on others. You feel like you need to constantly be productive to hit the mark.

✦ You often prioritize your work above your wellbeing and your life. When push comes to shove, you quickly drop yourself down your own priority list. You're constantly thinking about work or another goal to work towards, sacrificing your long-term health and your long-term success.

✦ Imposter Syndrome. Despite all you've accomplished and overcome to date, theres a little nagging voice in your head that worries about being called out as a freud. So sometimes you get really reactive, move from one goal to the next, without ever truly appreciating yourself and how far you've come. A part of you is exhausted and just wants it all to be enough.

✦ Believing that you have to hide your emotions to appear strong, capable and in control. You struggle to relax and be fully present. Often feeling guilty and disconnected.

It's time to expand your inner circle and feel the support of someone in your corner, who wants to see you succeed and thrive in all areas of your life.

It's time to lean into the discomfort and ask for help. I'm here to guide you towards your next level of growth, wellbeing and leadership.

WHY our unique MindBody Approach creates lasting and sustainable results when other programs don't:

After spending nearly a decade coaching and guiding humans to achieve peak mental performance through the Outdoors so that they can summit mountains and persevere through challenges and adversity, I learned some life-changing lessons.

Lesson 1: Great change can ONLY happen through EXPERIENCE.

This is why all of our programs and support are rooted in experiencing information and not just reading and learning about it.

Just like an athlete can only build an elite body through sets and reps and achieve record breaking milestones through practice, your brain and nervous system need the right environment to do the same. Transcending self-limitation, patterns of anxiety, overwhelm and overthinking happens when you create the right environment to actually practice new skills and learn new tools to support you to step into your new future - the one created by the happiest, most relaxed and successful version of you.

Lesson 2: After I found myself anxious, overwhelmed and burnt out despite coaching mental performance, I learned that no amount of mental toughness will heal the ROOT of your anxiety, overthinking and tendency to push yourself to burnout and exhaustion.

There's a difference between pushing through stress and challenges to hit a certain standard and reach a certain outcome, and actually leveraging it in a way that propels your growth forward - keeping you present, connected in your relationships, confident and trusting.

In order to achieve true embodiment, a WHOLE HUMAN approach is necessary.

Working on a whole human level will help you uncover the root of your stress so that you can show up as your best, be your best and do your best work, with more ease.

Violet helped me to work through emotional barriers I didn’t even realize were holding me back!


Above all, TRANSFORMATIVE! My self-confidence and self-trust grew than I could have ever imagined. I felt ready and equipped to step into my worth by facing the challenges I was working through instead of pushing them away, overworking or avoiding them. Violet helped me to work through emotional barriers I didn’t even realize were holding me back.

I would definitely recommend this mentorship! LIFE CHANGING!!


Before working with Violet, I felt like I was always being met with one road block after another. I felt overwhelmed, had high levels of anxiety and was constantly getting sick. Now, I feel so confident that I am reaching my goals and feel emotionally steady with plenty of time to do things outside of work. I felt listened to, understood and given practical steps to feeling more like myself.

Our Science-Backed Methodology



Grow Forward

The Evolution of the Embodied Leader.

A high level 5-month mentorship experience for Working Women, C-Suites and Founders
to receive support and learn the internal skills needed to break patterns of anxiety,
overthinking and burnout. Sustainably cultivate the happiest, most relaxed and
successful version of you, from the inside out.





Weekly calls. Each call is interactive and builds off of the week before. Specifically tailored to both group and individual needs and goals.


Experiential Learning Activities

Weekly short exercises, reflections and/or practices designed to get you thinking -- but not add too much to your already busy schedule. These may be mental exercises, awareness training, practical tools that will help you build new skills and habits needed to become the happy, relaxed and successful leader you want to be.


Virtual Community

Private Whatsapp group with your cohort -- other highly motivated and driven women navigating similar struggles, frustrations and celebrations as you. Consider this the space to journey together and get the accountability you've been craving.


Messaging Support

You will have direct 1:1 messaging support available with Violetta Mon-Fri. Safety is the highest priority for Violetta and you can reach out to her directly if there is anything that feels important but that you don't want to take into the group space. Receive guidance, support and insights to help you keep growing forward.


Private 1:1 deep dive session

You will have 1x private deep dive session with Violetta per month (5 total). This is the space to get individualized support and do deeper processing on parts of the program or anything else that you are navigating in your life.


$4997 | 1075 Monthly

Early Enrollment Until June 30th:
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  5 monthly payments  



  weekly payments  



My Guarantee: if you show up to the weekly calls, you will see results and change not only within yourself, but your life and relationships. By simply showing up and applying the simple steps and practices we do together weekly, you already begin to rewire your brain, bring your nervous system into regulation -- stepping closer towards the most relaxed, powerful and successful version of you. I am confident that this program delivers exactly what you need, I'll give you the first 2 weeks risk free. If the program is not for you, I will give you your money back, no questions asked. There is no risk.


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You’re Driven and Ambitious: You’re a high-achieving woman who strives for excellence in all areas of your life and is ready to find true fulfillment beyond professional success.

✅ You Crave Balance: You’re looking to create harmony between your work and personal life without sacrificing your health or well-being.

✅ You Want to Overcome Perfectionism: You recognize that your perfectionist tendencies are causing stress and burnout, and you’re ready to embrace progress over perfection.

✅ You Feel Like an Imposter: Despite your accomplishments, you often feel like a fraud and want to build genuine self-confidence and self-worth.

✅ You Need Better Boundaries: You struggle with setting boundaries and saying no, and you want to learn how to protect your time and energy effectively.

✅ You Seek Authentic Success: You want to achieve success that aligns with your true values and brings you genuine joy and satisfaction.

✅ You’re Ready for Change: You’re open to exploring mind-body healing and somatic stress reduction to address the root causes of your stress and transform your limiting patterns for good.


‚ĚĆ You‚Äôre Looking for Quick Fixes
: You’re not interested in committing time and effort to deep, transformative work and are only seeking immediate, superficial solutions.

‚ĚĆ You‚Äôre Not Ready to Prioritize Self-Care: You believe that self-care is unimportant or selfish and are unwilling to invest in practices that support your physical and mental well-being.

‚ĚĆ You Prefer to Work Alone: You‚Äôre not open to seeking support from a community or mentor and prefer to navigate your challenges without external help.

‚ĚĆ You‚Äôre Unwilling to Challenge Limiting Beliefs: You‚Äôre not ready to confront and change deeply ingrained beliefs and thoughts that might be holding you back.

‚ĚĆ You‚Äôre Satisfied with Your Current Level of Stress: You believe that high stress and burnout are necessary parts of being successful and have no desire to reduce them.

‚ĚĆ You Don‚Äôt Value Emotional Intelligence: You‚Äôre not interested in developing self-awareness, empathy, and other emotional intelligence skills that can improve your relationships and overall well-being.

‚ĚĆ You Resist Mind-Body Healing: You‚Äôre skeptical of or uninterested in holistic approaches to stress reduction and healing that focus on the mind-body connection.


I'm Violetta Z.!

I'm on a mission to impact change on a collective scale and end this era of burnt out, anxious and exhausted women.

I help high-achievers, leaders and entrepreneurs step into the happiest, most relaxed and successful version of themselves through MindBody Holistic Coaching and Growth + Adventure Retreats.

Before I took the leap and founded Expand and Impact, I spent 10 years coaching people how to overcome mental limitations when they were feeling challenged, strained, stressed and completely outside of their comfort zone. From summiting the tops of mountains, sleeping in hammocks in the Jungle, scaling the sides of waterfalls, I helped 100's of humans train their minds to show up and effectively lead themselves and others.

As an Expedition Leader and Experiential Educator, I guided my students to achieve Mental Performance, Grit and Goals they never thought they could.

I coached and guided 100's of students and led well over 50 expeditions (and YES, I was one of the few women doing this).

I was responsible not only for the safety and lives of my students, but also in training and facilitating their Mental Fitness.

A lot of my worked looked a little like this: Helping others learn how to cope with stress and pressure. Helping them practice discipline and showing up even when they didn't want to, and especially when they were scared and uncomfortable. Helping them practice choosing positive and optimistic thoughts even when their physical body was screaming at them. I supported them in the practice of self-motivation so that that can show up for themselves and for others in moments of stress and high-intensity. Together we challenged fears straight on, learning that to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you will be uncomfortable, you will be afraid and you might fail.

So when I found myself physically sick from stress, anxious, burnout out, with the thoughts in my mind so loud and so fast leaving me feeling frequently overwhelmed and exhausted,


Here is the most important thing I learned from this experience that changed EVERYTHING for me...

There is NO amount of mental toughness that will heal the root of your anxiety, overthinking and tendency to push yourself to burnout and exhaustion. Coping with stress is not the same thing as knowing how to navigate it in a healthy way that supports ALL of you and propels your growth forward.

The transformative work I was doing and how I personally was working and living, was not sustainable. It yielded TEMPORARY results. TEMPORARY satisfaction. TEMPORARY joy.

What was missing, was a WHOLE HUMAN approach to transformation and growth.

This realization was the thing that made me pivot my life completely. Deep down I knew that striving in my professional pursuits, my desire for deeply connected relationships and true joy and fulfillment in life, was possible.

I spent enough time around monks and in rural and remote villages around the world to know what peace and happiness looked like. I quickly recognized the power of community.

I also came face to face with my privilege.

I was determined to learn how become the happy, relaxed and successful woman I never knew.

And I did.

From Mental Performance Coaching, training and higher-education in Holistic Psycho-Somatic Therapies, Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Training, I learned the skills and the tools needed to not only create a successful life, but to also feel successful, confident, mentally at peace and emotionally grounded throughout life's journey.

I am living the life I always wanted. And everyday I take another small step towards expanding it as I grow, change and evolve. I've created a life that people tell me is "unrealistic." And yet, it feels pretty damn real to me.

Now I want to support you and help you do the same!




  1 payment  



  5 monthly payments  



  weekly payments  



My Guarantee: if you show up to the weekly calls, you will see results and change not only within yourself, but your life and relationships. By simply showing up and applying the simple steps and practices we do together weekly, you already begin to rewire your brain, bring your nervous system into regulation -- stepping closer towards the most relaxed, powerful and successful version of you. I am confident that this program delivers exactly what you need, I'll give you the first 2 weeks risk free. If the program is not for you, I will give you your money back, no questions asked. There is no risk.


Are you ready to step into the happiest, most relaxed and confident version of you? It's time to own your impact and expand to achieve true freedom, peace of mind and success from the inside out!