Calling all female leaders, business owners and 9-5 professionals...

are you ready to take your mental wellbeing, relationships and success to new heights that allow you to feel fulfilled, seen and finally at peace?

You're ambitious, determined and adventurous. You want to have a positive impact in the world and work hard to create a successful life. But, you feel an internal struggle between the part of you who likes to be busy, likes to challenge herself and set goals, and the part that wonders why you're not feeling more content, confident and emotionally grounded in the rare moments you're not busy?

Your invited to

Regulate Over Hustle

A 6-month program guiding high-achieving women to deeper levels of fulfillment, mental peace and joy without having to choose between success and wellbeing/relationships using the Brain-Body Retraining Process.

enrollment closes September 30th 


Can you relate?

You're hardworking and love a good challenge. But you struggle to separate yourself from your work and are always striving to achieve more. You get caught in a loop of pushing pushing pushing until you're exhausted and burnt out. When you get to the end of the day and don't finish everything you told yourself you would, you feel guilty and like you didn't do enough.


✦ There's a part of you that feels like you always have to be working to deserve what you have. You struggle to say no and set boundaries because you don't want to disappoint and let others down. You know this is getting in the way of truly feeling content, happy and present in other areas of your life.


✦ You're really good at showing up for others, but when it comes to showing up for yourself, you notice the guilt and racing thoughts creep in whenever you slow down or aren't busy. You feel like you have to earn rest, earn time off and earn pleasure. If you're not struggling, you wonder if you're doing enough.


✦ You actively work towards building good habits, routines and do all the "right" things, but aren't seeing lasting changes in unhelpful thinking, feeling and behavioral patterns. You'll see some progress for a while but it seems like you can't maintain it. It doesn't feel sustainable but you don't know what to do about it.


 ✦ You feel good for a while, energized, motivated, excited, but eventually hit a big low where you're fatigued and stuck in a loop of self-doubt, anxiety and uncertainty. In these moments you second-guess yourself and whether or not you even deserve to be striving towards the things you want.


✦ You have high standards for yourself and those around you and feel angry, frustrated and disappointed when you fall short of your own expectations. You know this isn't healthy or productive and that you should change your self-talk but aren't clear on how to actually do that.


✦ There are certain areas of your life where you progress forward like you want to, but in other areas you feel stuck. Every time you start working towards a new goal, you get overwhelmed and start shutting down. Or, you sabotage relationships or opportunities.


✦ You're an overachiever and you know it. You are starting to see that hustling isn't sustainable and that you're sacrificing your own personal wellbeing and relationships. Most of your time and energy goes into your work or thinking about the next goal. You struggle to be present because you're always thinking of the future or feel consumed by your never ending to-do list.


✦ You have a lot of experience and yet you still struggle with imposter-syndrome. You experience the grip of weighing anxiety and overanalyzing. You fear failing and failing others so you give give give and shoulder a lot on your own. 


I used to struggle with these things too, so you are not alone.

These experiences that you're having are very normal symptoms of having to compartmentalize different parts of yourself to succeed and fit into a world and culture that isn't set up for women to have their voices heard and win without sacrificing themselves for others in the process.

As a high-achiever and female leader myself, I had to overcome all of these same things and learn how to release all the "should's" I was living by that left me feeling frustrated, angry, exhausted and always striving for more despite living my "dream" life and career.

Your resilience and grit has gotten you this far. But it will not be the same thing that will get you to your ultimate goal - more freedom, mental peace, joy and fulfillment in ALL areas of your life - career/business, relationships, wellbeing.

You have to retrain your brain and your nervous system.

Imagine this:

✦ you take time off and feel settled, present and content 

✦ you experience deep trust in yourself and your capabilities to make decisions that reflect self-love, confidence, clarity

✦ you are able to enjoy the journey and experience more joy and fulfillment

✦ you adapt to change and uncertainty with patience, calm and perspective

✦ you feel internally steady, centered and grounded in the midst of conflict and stress

✦ you release the weight of having to choose between success and your wellbeing

✦ You have deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around you.   

✦ you uncover a more sustainable energy that drives creativity, productivity and performance

What to expect

The Expand and Impact curriculum is designed specifically for female leaders and professionals. It will guide you through a sustainable process of transformation and growth so that you can confidently use your voice, feel emotionally grounded and have the impact, success and relationships you desire.

Weekly group calls
(6 people MAX)

You will be guided through an expertly designed curriculum that follows the Brain-Body Retraining methodology. Weekly 90 minute calls are interactive to support integration.


Experiential Learning Activities

Weekly reflections, practices and supplementary education that is designed to support sustainable growth, understanding and safety without adding overwhelm to your already busy schedule.


Private group & messaging support

The group will use whatsapp to stay in contact with each other and Violetta. This space is used to ask clarifying questions, share and be supported during the 6 month duration.


Private 1:1 call with Violetta

The most important thing to Violetta is, safety. She will schedule a call with you personally before the start of the program. She is available outside of the group space if there is a need.

This program is designed for long-term transformation. The skills, tools and awareness you walk away with is for life.

Are you ready to be happy, relaxed and successful in you work and life?


✦ Holistic integrated approach that considers the WHOLE human:

‣Unconscious/Nervous System

✦ Practical and effective evidence based tools to support your whole self in managing stress, cultivating a deeper sense of wellbeing and elevating your leadership and relationships

✦ develop a deeper understanding of yourself and what drives your behaviors, thoughts and emotional patterns

✦ develop the skills to cultivate self-compassion and release unhelpful patterns more effortlessly

✦ uncover your unique roadmap to navigate your triggers so that you can make your way back to peace, empowerment and choice

✦ share a space with other like-minded high-achievers where you can truly be known, seen and witnessed