Achieve & Breathe


Start Your New Year With Less Anxious Thinking About Work and Your Responsibilities and More *Actually* Enjoying Rest and Gaps in Your Schedule... without the guilt!

Walking Meditation

Take a mindful walk and gain energy and inner balance when you're feeling sluggish or stagnant. You can also use this meditation when you notice a lot of anxious energy to ground yourself and renew your focus.

Morning Motivation Meditation

Designed to help you create momentum for your day and a vision for your future. Use this meditation to bring more intention and awareness around how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish and create, daily. Start your day with clarity, peace of mind and new possibilities. 

Shower Meditation

Stuck in your head and can't find time to slow down? Release the weight of life's distractions and pressures and take a mindful shower or bath to focus solely on yourself and your needs. Let go of negative thoughts and energy and reconnect with mental and emotional clarity and presence. 

Yoga Nidra / iRest Meditation

Quickly turn off your thoughts, tap into a a state of deep rest and relaxation and transform the quality of your life. This practice is done laying down and will support your mind and body to safely slow down and rest without distractions. It will guide you to release any stress or tension you are holding in your body, improve your sleep and as a result, raise your performance.

Quick Rebalancing Breathwork

When you feel like you're starting to spiral, follow this guided breathwork practice and regain a sense of control and calm. Release the grip of inner tension and unsettling emotion so that you can be your best self, feel your best and do your best work.

It's a YES for me!

Hear From Our Community:

I previously enjoyed meditation but didn't crave it or have any consistency with it. With these mediations though, I had more routine in my mornings which set me up for a better day. I became more aware of my inner dialogue was able to show up more fully in the rest of my life and for others!

-Megan G.

I've dabbled with meditation before to ease stress but never prioritized time for myself. This meditations help me feel calmer, more relaxed and help me cope with life's turbulence better. The best part is, I don't have to do it sitting!

-Julie H. 

Before these meditations, I felt scattered and couldn't focus. Now, my days run smoother, my mind is calmer and I can think clearly. These meditations are helping me feel more like myself and understand myself and others more, too. I love the variety of these meditations!

-Lisa R.

It's a YES for me!

Research shows that in as little as 8 weeks, daily meditation starts to rewire your brain and boost health, happiness, social life, self-control, brain function, productivity and perspective. By making meditation a part of your life, you are choosing to become free of learned limitations.