How would your life feel if you could let go of the stressful thoughts that replay in your mind? Would you be more joyful? Have more energy and feel more connected? Something else?

Let It Go Workshop

(a 2.5 hour interactive LIVE experience)

Learn EXACTLY how to find freedom in stressful thoughts and situations, start practicing and applying the teachings during the workshop and walk away feeling confident in your ability to continue this practice in your everyday life...

When: Saturday 20th May, 2023

Where: Online (Private Zoom)
Time: 4:00 PM (PST)
           7:00 PM (EST) 

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This Let It Go Workshop helps participants experience freedom in stressful thoughts that trigger anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety, all of those hard to hold and hard to feel emotions that prevent us from thinking clearly or feeling confident and in control of ourselves, our relationships and our actions.

This workshop is for big feelers, over-analyzers and over-thinkers who want to learn how to release stressful thoughts so that you can cultivate deeper connections, stronger relationships and a deeper sense of ease and emotional freedom.

In this interactive workshop we will work together as a small group to:

  • Identify the link between stressful thoughts and the behaviors, emotions and choices that follow
  • Learn a proven process to shift and release the emotional and mental charge with specific people, situations and even ourselves 
  • Release the energy behind how you're experiencing certain thoughts so you can identify your own needs more clearly and make conscious choices that will lead you closer to deeper calm, presence and grounding when you experience stressful thoughts and situations 
  • Expand your awareness around how you show up when you believe certain thoughts and stories about yourself, others and the world around you


Who is this workshop for?

Professional and Goal-Oriented Women who want to better understand the connection between stressful thoughts and emotion, want to experience mental and emotional freedom and clarity so that they can cultivate deeper connection, strengthen relationships and live and lead with more calm and presence. 
  • You want to get better at navigating life's many stresses and challenges 
  • You've been "doing the work" but want to experience the "how" when it comes to moving through feelings
  • You want to feel more grounded and clear headed when dealing with conflict and stressful people/situations
  • You want to let go of distracting thoughts and emotions that ruminate in your mind even after a situation/encounter is over
  • You want to feel more connected to your family, friends, partner
  • You want to feel more confident and calm in your leadership
  • You want to let go of anger and frustrations you have with yourself and others 
  • You want to improve your communication skills
  • You want to continue to work on healing trauma and emotional wounds
  • You want to strengthen your connection to your intuition and self-trust and confidently make decisions

Who is this workshop NOT for?

❌   You are looking for a quick fix solution 

❌   You're not ready to invest in yourself

❌   You're less than 18 years old 

❌   You're not willing to attend LIVE to the workshop

❌   You're not open to new modalities and experiences

❌   You're not looking to have some deep personal growth

❌   You're not willing to be uncomfortable to create shifts in your life



Dr Kirstin Lauritzen DC MS

"I LOVED the framework of this workshop! It has really helped me to see where I "stick my head in" or worry/think about things that are not mine and out of my control. Since the workshop, I have been evaluating certain situations in my life and taking a step back so I can decide how I want to move forward. I've been applying the tools I learned in this workshop and my conversations and relationships have started to improve because of how my communication has shifted knowing these tools. Violetta was awesome, relatable and so engaging!"


Lara S.
School Teacher & Leader

"I gained so much insight into the roots of some of my stress and uncovered that I was holding onto resentment that wasn’t allowing me to move forward in my career. I released a lot of stories and emotions that were causing me anger and sadness and because of it, I feel more aligned with what I want and need. The way Violetta guided this session helped me to feel more secure and confident in my relationships and in my ability to identify and walk away from situations that aren’t right for me. I now feel like I have a new tool and strategy to support my growth in both my personal and professional life."

Amy M.
Forensic Scientist 

"Simple and powerful! I now understand how my thoughts dictate how I interpret my interaction with a family member I've been having a lot of conflict with. My communication really started to shift after this session and I notice myself being more empathic, patient and less controlling of how I think this family member should be. Violetta is amazing at facilitating this work and asked the right questions to tease out the reasons of hidden guilt and self-judgment in me. I felt safe to express my thoughts without fear of judgment."

What would you say to the woman considering joining this same group experience?

"Absolutely do it and you want to do this now - don't wait because these tools will help in so many areas of life."

"Do it! It really starts to open your eyes to the way we filter our experiences and to build up compassion for others and for ourselves."

"Do it! And be vulnerable and honest to get the most out of it."

When you join us for our $197 Workshop, 

I guarantee you that you'll walk away by the end of this training feeling clear about how to use this process in your everyday life to experience deeper freedom and calm in stressful thoughts and situations...

In other words, if you don't know EXACTLY how and when to use this process to start building it into a resource you can use in your day to day life by the end of the class, all you need to do is send an email to Team Expand and Impact and I will happily refund you 100% of your funds - PLUS, you get to keep the recording. 



More Testimonials For This Workshop:


Carly Loewenthal
NLP Master & Certified Life Coach

"I loved getting to do this workshop TWICE! It was really insightful to experience the difference between going through the process the first time compared to the second and to realize how deep some of my wounds go. The space gave me permission to see that it's ok to need to process the same situation multiple times to get to the root of it. I see myself using the work in my personal life and with my clients. This workshop showed me that sometimes we blame ourselves for things and when we allow ourselves to see the behaviors in a different way, it changes the flavor of the blame and lightens the burden. If you're thinking about it, DO IT!

Diane O’Hara
Founder of Epiphany Coaching

"Within 2 days after the workshop I was able to approach a sensitive topic with my partner with peace and confidence. I was focused on my intentions and did not get wrapped up in my partner’s reaction or preconceived ideas of how he would react. This workshop definitely changed how I will be approaching sensitive interactions in the future and has helped me become more aware of the story I had been creating in my mind which influenced my emotions and how I treated a certain person/situation. This is a thought provoking and insightful method to discern a deeper understanding of self. The group was nurturing and as a whole, held space for members to express themselves authentically.

Meet Your Instructor

Violetta Znorkowski is the Founder and Facilitator at Expand and Impact, an Experiential Education Company that works with Female Professionals and Entrepreneurs who want to challenge the status quo and create a new normal in how success and leadership looks and feels.

With over 10 years of experience and an international career working around the world with both youth and adults to develop leadership skills, raise emotional intelligence and build resilience, Violetta is passionate about guiding others to safely explore their connection to self, others and the world around them.

Her work is informed through her training in Holistic Counseling Psychology, Leadership Coaching and Mindfulness and Meditation Training. Violetta believes that self-work is the gateway to generational change and that personal development and systemic change go hand in hand. When she is not facilitating growth and emotional wellbeing, Violetta is likely climbing up or snowboarding down a mountain or planning her next adventure.

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