Mastering Stress: How to Overcome Anxiety and Burnout

Discover Proven Strategies Used by the Most Happy, Relaxed and Successful Women.

JUNE 5th & 6th @ 8PM EST
JUNE 6th & 7th @ 10AM AEST

This training is for:
Working Women, C-Suite & Founders

Hosted By: Violetta Z., Founder & CEO Expand and Impact

If you see yourself as someone who thrives on stress,

thrives on pushing herself,

loves to be busy,

but you notice a weight of anxiety on your chest you just can't shake,

a mean inner voice that pushes you to do more and be better until you're left feeling stretched thin, overwhelmed and burnt out,

then you're in the right place.


Anyone can succeed from a space of sheer grit, caffeine and anxiety.

But it's not sustainable.

I've spent more than a decade mastering the internal mental and emotional skills required to achieve mental peace of mind, emotional groundness and a deep sense of self-trust... without compromising the things I want to achieve as a woman in my career, my relationships and my life.

I know what it's like to have to push and force your way towards the things you want.

I've also felt that overpowering inner pressure to succeed, always working towards something, waiting for the day it was finally enough.

I know what it's like to be in a beautiful place and to have achieved a big milestone, only to have the satisfaction of it last a few days before it's gone.

I know what it's like to struggle to be fully present and relax without feeling guilty about it or like all good things have to be earned.

I even know what it's like to become physically sick from stress, with unexplainable stomach and skin problems.

I've devoted myself to learning how to navigate challenges in my internal world in such a way where anxiety, overthinking and burnout are problems of the past. They no longer impact what I do or how I do things. Aside from actually living and experiencing this massive shift within myself and my own life, I'm also a multi-qualified human with certifications and experience ranging from Holistic Psychotherapy, Meditation and Breathwork to Mental Performance Coaching. 

Now I'm sharing everything I've learned along the way so that we can create generational change on a collective scale and end this era of burnout, anxious and exhausted women.


Client Results

Simply pushing through every obstacle may help you create the material success you want, but it's not going to give you the mental peace, fulfillment and emotional steadiness you crave.

If your mind is constantly flooded with thoughts, you're stressed, anxious and burnout, it's time to rethink HOW you achieve your goals and if you are truly creating the life you want.


I can't promise that after this 2-day training, you will never feel stressed out again or immediately feel deeply steady within and achieve a true balance not only in your life, but within your mind. 

That isn't reality. An athlete doesn't build an elite body over night. And when you start to learn the language of the brain and the nervous system, you'll see that there are no short cuts or quick fixes when it comes to navigating internal challenges.

But, that doesn't mean you won't experience change quickly. You will. My client's see change after a single session. But you have to get your reps in to make it sustainable.

It's the journey from DOING to BEING.

What I can promise is that by the end of the training, you'll have a whole new perspective about the role stress plays in growing forward, the steps to navigating stress with more ease, and a clear path forward to embodying your happiest, wealthiest and most relaxed Self.

You deserve to create a life where your successes on the outside reflect the deep peace and contentment you feel on the inside.

Sign up for the FREE 2-Day training and let's break cycles and create generational change together! 


I take this work seriously because it matters. You matter. And the most successful and fulfilled women, didn't achieve it on their own.

Those who have leaned in, said yes to support and community, have had results like this:

My intention for you in this free training, is that by the end you will:

✔️ Better understand the role of stress in your life, your wellbeing and your potential & start rewiring your brain to make leading from a space of presence and peace your new normal.

✔️ Realize that being in control is very different than being controling & how to ride the waves of emotion and discomfort with more ease (THINK being more neutral and less reactive).

✔️ Feel empowered and clear about the next best steps on your journey to creating success that feels like deep peace in your bones, where presence, contentment and joy are what you embody now and not a destination you strive towards that never lasts.


**This Training is 100% FREE. However, an option to upgrade your experience & support your growth forward with an exclusive audio bundle for just $17 will be available upon registering**

Here's what you need to know:

 June 6th & 7th @ 10 AM AEST 

  • 2-Day Live training via Zoom 

  • If you can’t make the live, recordings will be available

  • You will receive pre-work questions to deepen your experience of the training









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